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Services by Travis Lang

Here at Travis Lang (all your writing needs and more)

The services I provide in writing are as follows;

  1. Articles
    Web Content
    Press Release
    Product reviews
    Product Discreption

And the services I provide outside of writing are as follows;

  1. Web Page design
    Business Card design
    Logo design

As always I do provide both personal and business services, and do accept bulk orders when made in advance.



My name is travis lang and I am 34 years old. I am married to a wonderful woman named Stephanie Lang. I have 3 wonderful stepkids named Randi, Christopher and Thomas. In the present I am a Freelance Writer for TextBroker and The Opinion. In the past I was in the US Army for a combined 10 years, I was also in the National Guard for eight months. I was, however, Medically discharge and now a Disabled Veteran. I was worked for several factories, Janitorial, Yard Maintaince. Fast food(Cook, Trainer, Maintaince), Paper Boy, City of Casey(Lights, Road Work, Trash), Schnieder National(Driver), CR England(lease Operator, Trainer), USA Truck(Driver), S&H Truck(Driver), Werner Entiprise(Driver), Pam Transport(Driver), Parking Enforcement, Security, Salvage yard, Nursing home. I have done for volenteering Construction, Roofing, Tax office, Medical Record Keeping. I graduated high school and have a BA in Business Marketing, AS in Divinity, Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide and Certifacate in Supervisor Development.

My hobbies consist of Social Networking, Business, Reading, Poetry, Movies, Dining out, Family, Friends, Video Games, Auto racing, Home improvement, Learning. My favorite tv shows are DIY, BIO, Halmark, LMN. My favorite movies are Action, Comedy, Romance, Family, Thriller. My favorite music is County, Rap, Hip Hop, Soft Rock, Oldies. My favorite food is Mexican, Steak, Burgers, Fries, Ice cream, Pizza. Religious background, I grew up in a Christian household, I was Jehavoh Witness, I later became Mormon, then off to Babtist. I kept getting shunned or disfellowshiped, so I eventually gave up on religion. Recently I was told I needed God in my life, so I started searching for a religion that dont judge you but accepts you. I found Paganism, where I started studing Wicca, but had moved on to Celtic as well.